JJSV's Got Talent

Have you ever been told your singing voice could put angels to shame

or caught yourself singing unabashedly in the shower?  

Have you got the grooves and the moves? 

We know that JJSV's Got Talent but unfortunately we can't be together in person, belting out our favourite karaoke hits...

So we thought of something even better for this unstoppable team!

Let's all record ourselves rocking out to this hit by The Score - Unstoppable!

Even if you think your voice could melt paint off the walls, everyone has a part in the video.

We will then put all your videos together to create our very own virtual karaoke version.

Here's what we need to do: 

1. Download the JJSV Unstoppable soundtrack and lyrics.

2. Record a video of yourself singing, lip syncing or even dancing to the track. Go crazy, be as creative as you want! Grab some props, friends, family or even your furkids.

3. Please record in landscape.

4. While recording, please try to avoid playing the music out loud in the background. If possible, try to listen to the song with headphones on as you sing / lip sync / dance along to it.

5. Make sure your camera / phone captures your face clearly and your voice audibly. For best sound quality, try to use a mic or an earpiece with a mic feature while recording.

6. Do a few takes to get comfortable with the song and lyrics then upload your recording of the entire song. Don't worry if you have to break your recording into multiple clips, just upload them all.


Please save your video file(s) in your full name and upload them by clicking on the button below,

by 31 December 2021, Friday.

Example file names:

  • Johnny _Tan_Part1.mp4
  • Mary_Lim_Fullsong.mov