Ahmad Sharif Bin HambaliĀ 

Chief Executive Officer, Medical Device Authority, Malaysia

Mr Ahmad Shariff Hambali is the current Chief Executive of Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia. He joined the Malaysian public service in 1993 as an assistant director attached to the Radiation Health and Safety Unit, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, that regulates radiation applications in medicine. Mr Ahmad was a member of the core team who pioneered and was very instrumental in the development of the medical device regulatory framework in Malaysia. The regulatory framework, which was based on international standards and best practices, was subsequently gazetted as the Malaysian Medical Device Act in 2012. When MDA was established in 2013, he joined the newly- established regulatory body to lead the Registration, Licensing & Enforcement Division before being appointed as the Chief Executive of MDA in 2018. Between 2005-2008, Mr Ahmad was a member of the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) Secretariat and has been actively involved in the efforts to harmonize the medical device regulatory framework within the Asian region. Currently, he is chairing the MDA-Industry Collaborative Committee (MICC), a forum for collaborative works between MDA and the medical device industry in Malaysia. He is also a member of the Industrial Research Advisory Committee, SIRIM, Malaysia.