Fikriansyah Bin Irman

Senior Medical Device Reviewer, Directorate of Medical Devices Evaluation,
Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia

Fikriansyah is the Senior Medical Device Reviewer at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia where he is part of the team responsible for the long-term strategic plan to map and identify categories of medical devices in Indonesia. Previously, he worked as a Health System and Strategy Officer in the Minister of Health Office. He has been working in the Ministry of Health for the past 7 years. With an extensive experience in regulatory framework and policy, he had spearheaded various health administrative initiatives through managing projects and performing analyses for improving health outcomes towards efficient health policies. He has a Pharmacy degree from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He also holds a Master of Public Health at The University of Melbourne under the Australia Awards Scholarship Program.