Lupi Trilaksono

Team Lead, Medical Device Local Content and Production Improvement , Directorate of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Resilience,
Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia

Lupi Trilaksono currently is Team Lead for Medical Device Local Content and Production Improvement. Directorate of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Resilience, Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.

Lupi is Pharmacist and Master of Management degree from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia. He started his career at the provincial healthcare office at Riau Islands Province. During his appointment at the Directorate of Medical Device Evaluation Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia, he was Deputy Director of Local Medical Device Evaluation, Deputy Director of C and D Class Medical Devices Evaluation, Head of Section-Standardization and Certification of Medical Devices and Household Health Products and Head of Section-Inspection for production and distribution facility.

Since then, he has been involved in the regulatory framework and policy of medical device in Indonesia, regional and global. He also active and represent Indonesia in the ASEAN Medical Device Committee and ASEAN Medical Device Technical Committee, Working group Medical Device and IVD in WHO-SEARN, member of working group that developed the WHO Global Model Regulatory Framework of Medical Device and IVD, also active in Harmonization and Convergence of Medical Device works in Global and Regional forum of AHWP, APEC- RHSC, SEARN, WHO and IMDRF.