Martin Than

Director, Emergency Medicine Research & Emergency Medicine Specialist,
Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand 

With a career in medicine spanning 30 years, Dr Than has been an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Christchurch, New Zealand since 2001. For the past 15 years he has undertaken significant research projects, with a focus on knowledge translation that makes meaningful clinical impact. He is Director of Emergency Medicine Research in Christchurch Hospital and has been awarded multiple grants by the New Zealand Health Research Council including a 5-year Clinical Practitioner Research Fellowship. Dr Than has participated in many committees and advisory boards including the IFCC Committee on the Clinical Application of Cardiac Biomarkers that created the definition of high sensitivity troponin. 
Dr Than’s profound interest in supporting and monitoring research that improves patient care safely and ethically drives him to participate in any forums with aligned aims. He has extensive international collaborative links and experience in undertaking and overseeing large research projects. 
Dr Than has led the Christchurch-based research team that has undertaken a series of projects since 2007 that have changed practice across NZ hospitals and many others world-wide. The team’s projects have involved 6 major studies which have been recognised with local and international awards, most recently the 2020 International UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award. He has published 172 papers and 3 book chapters to date.