Rami Karjian

Chief Executive Officer,
Medically Home

Rami began his journey in healthcare with McKinsey & Co, working together with health systems to improve patient flow across different areas of their hospitals. After a few years in the US, he moved to Asia to lead the Firm’s Operations practice in the region. After over a decade with McKinsey working with hundreds of clients across the globe, Rami wanted the challenge of taking on an operating role allowing him to personally put into practice what he had been advising his clients for many years. He joined Flextronics as President of Flextronics’ Global Services & Software business (the leading technology repair and reverse logistics company globally) where he was responsible for a business of 15,000 employees with operations in 25 sites across the Americas, Europe, and Asia focusing on forward logistics/distribution and reverse logistics/repairs and spare parts, enabled by leading-edge software solutions. Since 2015, Rami’s efforts have been focused, with his co-founders (Raphael Rakowski and Andy Lipman), on scaling Medically Home Group as its CEO. Medically Home Group is the first commercially viable Virtual Hospital healthcare technology services company, providing all tools allowing its health system customers to safely bring hospital-level care where patients live.  As part of that, Medically Home’s team of nurses and physicians in its Mission Control Medical Command Center in Boston provide Virtual Hospital care to patients across Massachusetts, as well as additional customer operated command centers, providing Virtual Hospital care to patients across Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, and Ohio.